Tub Refinishing

Refinishing and reglazing your bathtub is our specialty! Make every surface in your bathroom brand new without having to replace!

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Tile Refinishing

Your tile will look sparkling new! Grout lines and shining tile in your kitchen or bath will look like you just replaced it with our tile refinishing.

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Cabinet Refinishing

Get a brand new kitchen by refinishing your cabinets! Resurface your cabinets and countertops and update instantly  without the cost of remodeling!

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Bathtub Reglazing Specialists

A reglazing company in NY you can trust. We share videos of our process so that you can understand the work taking place and compare.

Choose from a large selection of beautiful colors to reglaze any of your surfaces.

Stone Colors too:

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Revitalize Your Tub The Right Way!

All tub and tile surfaces are salvageable. DO NOT REPLACE YOUR TUB. If your bathroom surfaces have been reglazed improperly in the past, it will have bubbles and peel or crack quickly. Our process is the key to our success. Our attention to detail and dedication to prep and follow through is why more customers choose us to reglaze their bathtubs. Low prices are an indication of cutting corners. Watch our videos and see for yourself the care and precision we take on every job. Get an estimate today by texting or calling.

Tips & Benefits of Reglazing

Money saving tips and maintenance how-to’s

Proper care for reglazed surfaces

In order to maintain the freshly completed look of your reglazed tub or tiles, be sure to

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Which surfaces can you reglaze?

Almost every surface in your bathroom can be reglazed, but what else?

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Reglazing Vs. Replacing $$$

What is the benefit of reglazing vs. replacing and is it truly worth the savings?

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